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2nd life energy storage: redesign, reuse and recycling of electronic waste

2023 master thesis
Cooperation: ENGIE Energy Access

A substantial amount of electronic waste accumulates each year within the company.

Battery packs have battery-management-systems that protect them from overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and for cell balancing

Battery-management-systems protect battery packs

BMSs protect battery packs

Bigger battery packs need bigger and more powerful battery-management-systems

What if not? Can we repurpose smaller ones?

Make many small BMSs work as one big one in order to save resources and costs.

battery test modify repurposed energy storage pellets BMS end-of-life product plastic

repurposed & recycled


new parts

Fully disassemblable modules made out of standard components. Electrical contact through compression. No cell spot-welding.

A prototype was built and tested at ENGIE Energy Access in Zambia.