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Off-grid power:
a power supply concept for developing countries

2021 bachelor thesis
Cooperation: EOOS NEXT

In 2030, 530 million people still lack access to electricity - IEA report 2019.

24 V
12 V

inefficient transformers and inverters are not needed because the system only runs on direct current

How can various devices that need different voltages be connected to the same plugs?

the battery unit measures electric characteristics of the devices and outputs the programmed voltage

different voltages are not generated by several transformers, but by the intelligent interconnection of battery cells

this not only saves resources, but also results in the best possible degree of efficiency

battery unit
6 \ 9 kg

100 W solarpanel
8 kg

extension cable
10 m

extension cable
5 m


service staff can repair or exchange the device or equip it with a bigger battery

the battery unit and solar panel are locked on the wall and roof to prevent theft